Who is eligible for an IMPULZ project?

An eligible candidate must hold a PhD degree and must demonstrate sufficient research experience gained at a foreign research institute. Either s/he obtained a PhD degree or completed a long-term stay outside Slovakia, usually not shorter than 2 years. The candidate must demonstrate a capability to lead a proposed research team as well as an ability to obtain other competitive resources for research in the long term.

Does a candidate for an IMPULZ project have to work at any SAS institute?

At the time of application, NO. BUT a candidate must be a full-time employee of a SAS research institute during the project implementation. The application must include a corresponding declaration of the host SAS research institute.

Can a PhD candidate apply for an IMPULZ project?

NO, an eligible candidate must hold a PhD degree. However, a postdoctoral researcher can apply for a project, but the candidate must demonstrate independence from the thesis advisor by providing a list of publications which were not co-authored by the advisor. Moreover, the proposed topic of the project must be different from the topic of the candidate's thesis.

Is it possible to recruit researchers/PhD students/post-doctoral students who are already employed at the Institute of SAS and work on other projects as part of the IMPULZ project research team?

Members of the research team should primarily work on the IMPULZ project, otherwise their working hours must be reduced, or only part of the salary will be reimbursed from the IMPULZ project. If a member of the research team will be paid 100% from the project, it must be taken into account that s/he really works 100% on the IMPULZ project and cannot work on other projects at the same time.

How to apply for an IMPULZ project?

A candidate must register online on the IMPULZ website (https://impulz.sav.sk/) and submit through this system all the data and documents necessary for proposal assessment. After the deadline, the system shall be closed and it will no longer be possible to enter or change the entered data and documents. Proposals that do not contain all the requirements specified in the IMPULZ Statute after the deadline shall not be assessed.

In what language is an IMPULZ project application submitted?

The application must be written in English, submitted via the online application system and addressing all the points stipulated in the Guide for Applicants.

What is the duration of an IMPULZ project?

A typical IMPULZ project is usually funded for 5 years. During the project implementation, a mid-term project evaluation will be carried out. Only in case of fulfilment of the pre-set conditions the project will continue to be financed.

What are the eligible costs of the IMPULZ project?

A selected project could ask for funding ranging from 60,000 to 160,000 EUR per year. The eligible project costs include personnel costs, travel costs, material costs, research infrastructure, publishing costs including Open Access, and services.

Is it possible to purchase new instruments/equipment and finance the depreciation of existing equipment used for research in the project from the research project funds?

Yes, it is possible to finance equipments from the project funds. Depreciation can be financed from overheads, which the host organization undertakes to co-finance.

What is the maximum salary of the IMPULZ project principal investigator?

The contribution to the principal investigator´s salary is 1.5 times the salary tariff No. 11 and the salary scale No. 14 of the valid Special Salary Scale for University Teachers and Research and Development Staff, which represents the amount of 3,249.- EUR (1,5*2,166 EUR) as of 1st September 2023. Please note that this amount is stated in the project in the form of so-called super gross wage, i.e. it is necessary to add additional 35% for the compulsory levy fees of the employer. The maximum person-month rate is therefore EUR 4,392. 

What if personal funds are unused?

Unspent funds for personal expenses can be used as goods and services and transfer. The project principal investigator can propose a maximum of 15% of the total personal costs as rewards for himself/herself and for employees who have demonstrably contributed to the project.

Can the IMPULZ project principal investigator receive an additional salary contribution from the SAS Institute where s/he will work?

Yes, s/he can. However, such an additional contribution to the salary is governed by a special agreement with the SAS Institute where the researcher will work.

Can the IMPULZ project principal investigator simultaneously draw funds from another SAS program?

No, s/he can't. Simultaneous funding from the IMPULZ, SASPRO / MoRePro programs, Štefan Schwarz Fund and/or compensatory allowance is not possible. The project investigator of another SAS program can apply for an IMPULZ project only in the last year of the current project implementation – so that in case of successful evaluation s/he will start the IMPULZ project only after finalizing the ongoing project from another SAS program.

When does a selected candidate for the IMPULZ project have to accept the offer and start implementing the project?

A selected candidate must start working for the selected SAS Institute within 6 months from the announcement of the evaluation results. If s/he does not do so, the SAS Presidium may stop financing the project.

Can a rejected candidate for the IMPULZ project appeal against the final decision of the Evaluation Committee and the SAS Presidium?

Yes, s/he can address an appeal to the SAS Presidium, which will send her/him its opinion within 30 days.

How many times can a rejected candidate submit the same IMPULZ project proposal?

Each proposal can be submitted only once. The same project proposal which has not been accepted before cannot be resubmitted.

Does the IMPULZ project principal investigator have to apply for an ERC project?

The mid-term project evaluation will take into account also any prospects of project co-financing from other non-SAS resources – e.g. a Horizon Europe project proposal (with a special emphasis on the ERC grant scheme), or another prestigious foreign grant with a comparable funding to the ongoing IMPULZ project.